Lead Management System

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PHP CRM Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, and qualifying and engaging them until they are ready to be succeed.The modern day lead management software system does much more than just managing the leads. In fact, it impacts sales directly, by integrating sales and marketing together.

What is Lead Management System

Lead management is a set of methods, systems, and processes designed to generate new potential business clientele, generally operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs. With a lead management system a bussiness is able to determine a lead’s position in the sales pipeline in real-time.

PHP Lead Management System

In PHP CRM systems, the term lead designates an individual who might become your customer, but currently isn’t. Another word for a lead is a prospect. PHP Lead Management system allow multiple users to manage your leads and contacts. It will make your sales records more productive and efficient.

Lead Management Software Free Download

PHP Lead Management Software is specially developed for managing sales records and leads tracking solution. This is the simplest solution for managing your leads and prospects. Lead Management Software solutions helps you manage your business leads in a systematic manner & track sales records. Lead management system not only helps you in nurturing leads for your company but also helps to retain customers and maintain communication after the sales. This software enables teams to track leads and manage tasks from start to finish.



Open source lead management software allows companies to merge their sales assignments and processes. It can handle all tasks From lead generation to conversion. Lead management system streamlines the lead lifecycle until conversion. This is an efficient platform that saves your time and unnecessary paper work. Lead management software can be a useful platform for every company’s sales and marketing strategy. Open source lead management system facilitates cross-selling leads. Lead management script gives you complete access and takes the minimalist approach to manage your sales leads. This free lead management script facilitates planning future activities like appointments, contacts and more. PHP lead management software to ramp up your business and sales profits. You can use this online lead management script to turn your prospects into customers.

Download Free PHP Lead Management Source Code

PHP CRM is a PHP based Lead Management script can be accessed via from anywhere and any devices to manage customers, leads, allocate leads to sales. Lead management system have always proved best to bring maximum number of conversions and satisfactory deals for a business.

Best PHP Lead Management System

PHP CRM, Lead Management System is the only platform that refines the lead management automation system. It will make your sales and marketing teams more productive and efficient.You can download free lead management source code from php crm and upload in your server.


Online Lead Management Software enables the forecasting, and tracking of sales leads. It keeps all your leads in one centralized platform, or customizable database. Online lead management system easy for all sizes of businesses to attract, manage, and nurture their leads. An effective lead management solution is designed to bring important sales related information. Online lead management script can help to track your sales life-cycle more effectively to make sure you meet your goals faster. Lead management system allows user to add new lead, track their records, create reminders and add follow up details. In PHP CRM, users can also manage the status of the leads. Simple lead tracking software easily track the customer journey in your entire sales funnel. Lead management system helpful for monitor all calls, emails and appointments your leads have with your business. In PHP CRM, lead management software helps you generate new leads and manage them from basic inquiry through to a confirmed sale. Lead management system enables to follow any situation that could produce revenue for company. Lead tracking software is a highly effective platform to boost customer satisfaction. It makes a dramatic difference in a organizations ability to more effectively manage all their accounts. Online lead tracking script also helps business plan resources by providing a clear view of the future with respect to their sales forecast.