CRM For Small Business

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A small business CRM software that gives a clear overview of your sales process by organizing all your contact information in one centralized platform. It helps you track and visualize sales performance data through customer relationship profiles. These customer relationship profiles help prospects at every stage of the funnel while building a pipeline and helping your customer base grow with your company. Tracking and booking progress also help your company better manage its revenue.

What is CRM for Small Business

Customer Relationship Management software that helps businesses or companies manage relationships with customers and prospects. It is an excellent platform that establishes sales pipeline stages as well as manages and tracks sales activities within each stage.

Why Small Businesses Need CRM

Small business CRM software fixing your broken sales process and gaining visibility. This CRM software can help you organize your contacts, leads and deals, and also automate time-consuming processes like data entry, and more focus on forming business strategies.

Free CRM Software For Small Business Download

Small business CRM software allows companies to better manage customer interactions, relationship, and support through reliable management and processes. This software integrates business processes across marketing, sales, and customer service. A free CRM software will offer you the productivity of using sales and CRM without spending money. Our small business CRM software offers the features you need to meet your long-term business and company needs. Its free version offers CRM features such as lead management, customer management, contact management, product management, invoicing and estimate management.


Open source CRM software offers sales forecasting, reports management, and ticketing capabilities required for successful customer relationships management. Its impressive and user-friendly dashboard makes administration much more comfortable than most free CRM software. Our online CRM software is a robust customer relationship management software mostly used by small size businesses due to its compelling and rich feature list.

Online small business CRM software can help businesses track leads, manage forecasts, close deals, and so on. Our CRM software is a multi-platform CRM system offers a flexible interface for customers that can be easily shared among sales teams. It makes communication much easier between teams with efficient communication utilities, and offers a massive list of functionalities that will help you in increasing sales and turning more profits.



Small business CRM system is one of the best enterprise-level customer relationship management software. Primary aim of this CRM software is to provide you a unified platform. Our small business CRM software provides you with all the features to capture important leads, manage your opportunities and create personalised estimates freeing up precious time to sell. It implements a centralized view that enables help desk teams to manage all customer-related data from a single dashboard.

Free small business CRM software is a modern CRM software with an user-friendly interface and robust feature set. It is a complete sales management software, so you won’t have to worry about missing key sales features. Our free CRM software is suitable for expanding enterprises requiring greater profitability and enables effortless growth for new businesses. One of the best things about small business CRM software is its ability to handle any business at ease.