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PHP CRM is a free crm software that facilitate you to manage leads, customers, proposals, estimates, invoices, items, taxes, staff, messaging and other important features. PHP CRM is web based free self hosted crm software system. In other word – you will able to download free crm software source code from download section and upload in your server – As database and files will located in your server, your customer data and others information will be safe from others. You don’t need to pay any single penny amount to get php crm.

What is PHP CRM ?

Free CRM Software

PHP CRM is a web based free crm software system. PHP CRM is based on popular open source language php & mysql. PHP CRM facilitate you to manage your customer data, contacts, calls, appointments, documents files, customer notes, leads, invoice billing, staff and messaging in an organised way. You can also use PHP CRM to start your own crm business.

Who can use CRM ?

Free CRM System

PHP CRM is very versatile and can be used by anyone according to their needs. If you’re business and want to manage customers, calls, appointments, notes, customer documents, staff and invoicing – PHP CRM software facilitate you to take control. If you are a freelancer or developer and wish to use this free crm software for your clients you can use the free php crm.


Free CRM Source Code

PHP CRM is developed by our experienced development team and it is well tested. PHP CRM is a free software that you can download source code and upload it into your server absolutely free. Security is paramount and with PHP CRM the source code and database will be in your server, only you have access to your data keeping it secure and under your control.


Lead Management System

What is lead ?

Leads is a potential person or business who may eventually become a customer. Like Mr David is working in insurance company as lead manager and he is looking new customers for his company. He called Mr Tom and explained about his products and set appointment with him and convinced him to use his product. So in starting it was lead and later it become customer.

What is lead in PHP CRM ?

If Mr David company have PHP CRM Software, Mr David can create new lead , add daily call details, add private notes about customer and set appointment from CRM Software. Just think how easy it will be for Mr David ?

Product Management

In Our free crm software system,  A  person or business can add, edit or delete products in product management. they can assign category or taxes according to product. Only  Owner (Super Admin) or Administrator can add, edit and delete products, categories and taxes.

Expenses Management

In free php crm Staff can add any expenses cost is incurred in the customers or anywhere in the company like if Mr David (company employee)  spend some money for his assigned customer and paid it from his pocket – Mr David can add expenses in his login section. Only Super Admin, Administrator and Billing Manager will approve it.

Reports Management System

Company owner can view his/her accounting in reports management. he can get reports of invoices, proposals and estimates.


Only company owner can monitor his/her staff activities in crm. like Mr David deleted some customers – company owner or super admin can get back it from admin section and easily find out deleted by  from activities section.

Customer Relationship Management

Now Mr Tom became insurance company customer and Mrs Alisa is his customer relationship manager. Mrs Alisa setting appointment, sending new proposals, new estimates to Mr Tom and keeping notes of all information in his note book. She is dealing multiple customers same time and maintaining tag of hard-worker in organization. Just think about Alisa how’s her life will be ? – She is doing hard work to keeping information all of her customers ?

From PHP CRM, Mrs Alisa can record all customer information into crm software and focus on her real work. With PHP CRM Sytem She can add calls, appointments, proposals, estimates and others information with in seconds and also get information of her years old customers with in seconds – her tag will be change hard worker to smart worker.

Billing Management System

Billing management is important part of any crm software. In our free crm software, company owner or billing manager can create proposal, estimates and invoices and send them to customers. Only billing manager, administrator and super administrator can create, edit and delete invoices.


In our free crm software  system, staff member can message each others. It’s internal messaging system, staff can send message to assigned customers or his/her colleagues. Customer can send message to his relationship manager.

Staff Management

In PHP CRM, business owner (Super Admin) can create staff and assign them roles like  Administrator, Sales Manager, Billing Manager, Lead Manager. Administrator can add, edit, delete  all records in crm system, he can assign leads or customers to staff. Sales Manager can create and manage his lead or assigned leads, his or assigned  customers and also able to send them proposal and estimates. Billing Manager will able to see his messages, able to create and edit invoices, estimates and proposals. Lead Manager can add, edit his/her lead or assigned lead.


PHP CRM software system allows businesses to better manage customer interactions, support, and relationships through reliable systems and processes. As a business grows, the need for a central crm system becomes a higher priority – startups and small businesses look to PHP CRM to handle their growing lists of customer contacts and make sure invaluable leads are accounted for. Customer relationship management or CRM is a technology for managing all your business relationships and interactions with clients and potential clients. The motive is very simple-improve business relationships. A best crm software system helps business stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability and time.
Companies that adopt PHP CRM System solutions build and grow stronger relationships with their customers. benefit of best crm is Better client relationships, Improved ability to cross-sell,Increased team collaboration,Improved efficiency in serving clients,Greater staff satisfaction,Increased revenue and profitability,Cost savings,Less client attrition and many more others benefits.


Benefits Of Using a CRM Software

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Best Uses of PHP CRM Software

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All In One CRM Software

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PHP CRM is a complete software for customers data management that manages business related data of company and customer. Our open source free crm software system is completely free and based on strong and powerful open source language php & mysql. Free open source based php crm software is a good choice for customers because all functions of php crm software system is easy to use and user friendly. Our free customer management software system can help you efficiently track leads, convert lead to customer, improve customer services and sales management. This free crm software is helpful for better business organizations. In our free crm system, you can organizes customers notes, appointments, call, invoices, estimates and other data related to business into one cohesive system.

PHP CRM is a secured customer relationship management software, we have added activity management features in this software. If users takes any actions in this script his information automatically stored in Activity module. This is an all in one web based free crm software. All important customers and sales management features are available in this software. This software is based on quality dashboard, because many types of customization facility available for dashboard, like- users can set widget according to own. Our free self hosted software is a good choice for sales and companies growth, and this software is based on a good customer support service. Our web based free crm software is an free source crm software featuring customized solutions, wide range of configuration tools and email configurations.